(Ex.) Tilting cylinder for forklift

Our cylinders are used in…

Industrial Vehicles

Garbage trucks, Fire trucks, Snow blowers, Asphalt finishers, Forklifts, Wing trucks, Liftgate trucks, etc.

Agricultural & Construction Machinery

Tractor, Combine, Harvester, Autonomous mower, Bulldozer, Concrete pump truck, etc.


Shipping cranes, Minesweeper cranes

Airport Vehicles

Catering lift truck, Boarding bridge

Rail Transport

Jack cylinder


Medical machinery, Dental chairs, Ski lift equipment, etc.

We also make equipment to perform endurance testing on cylinders.

The location of our cylinders are highlighted in green

Cylinder Specifications

Typessingle direction, two direction, telescopic, paired, etc.
Materialsteel, aluminum, alloy, stainless steel
Sensorboth internal and external possible
Tube (inner diameter)φ30 – 260 mm
Piston Rod (diameter)φ14 – 300 mm
Strokeup to 9,000 mm
Cylinder Lengthup to 10,000 mm
Pressureup to 70 MPa
Weight (dry)up to 1,000 kg (overhaul up to 2,000 kg)